Welcome to the updated HKCPath AP-QAP webpage

After the revamp of the classic website, we need to update the QAP webpage to fit the new system. Below is a brief introduction that may help users transiting to the new platform: 

  1. The new webpgae is password protected, and the traditional secret code for amendment will be depreciated
  2. The password is set to be identifical to your QAP participation code.
  3. You are strongly advised to update the password after your first login by clicking your user icon in the left upper corner of the top menu.
  4. Your QAP history will be tabulated out once you logged in.
  5. You can submit your answer through the QAP answer form by clicking the link at the left upper corner of the top menu.
  6. Your submission will be visible on the mainpage once you refresh the page.
  7. You can amend the result by re-input the QAP case through the same QAP ansver form. The old entry will be idntified by the QAP question number (APXXX).

The deadline of submission o f the current round will be 31 October. Sorry for the delay in launching the input form. Further enhancement of the webpage is also in progress.



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