Year 2007

Volume 16, Issue 1

From the Chief Editor

In the first issue of the College Newsletter this year, Dr. K.C. Lee shares with us his view regarding the current and future trend in the training in Pathology in the Message from the President.

To go back in time, in this featured article, the Passion for Pathology Runs in the Blood, we tell the stories of two important families of pathologists that are instrumental in the development of Pathology in Hong Kong.

In the Topical Update from the Education Committee, Dr. Edmond Ma discusses the Recent Perspectives in Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency. This is another example where molecular biology is playing an important role in the practice of Pathology.

The 15th AGM 2006 and the 15th T.B. Teoh Foundation Lecture were both well attended. For those who could not be there, the snapshots in this issue can let them take a glimpse of what they have missed.

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Volume 16, Issue 2

From the Chief Editor

In the Message from the President, Dr. K.C. Lee has helped us to clarify the issue related to the ‘professionally qualified directorship’ in the Supplementary Medical Professionals Ordinance. The College has worked very hard in the past years to solicit this clarification from the Government.

The Editorial Board is interested in the current medical curriculum, the ways to promote the image of Pathology to medical students and public, and hearing the voices of the new trainees. With the featured article Paving the Way for Our Next Generation, we aim to explore this area in a coherent manner.

In the Topical Update from the Education Committee, Dr. Cheuk Wah discusses the Impact of Molecular Methods in the Diagnosis of Lymphomas. This well-referenced article provides us with the basic as well as the latest up-to-date information regarding this rapidly advancing topic.

In the Out of the Whitecoat section, three of our Fellows share with us their precious experience in the Yunnan province of the Mainland. Dr. H.K. Mong and Mrs. Marie Mong drove to Yunnan with the HK Police Motoring Club (香港警察汽車會), while Dr. Tony W.H. Shek and his better half, Dr. Ivy S.C. Luk, joined the fund-raising walk by the Sowers Action (苗圃行動).

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