Year 2008

Volume 17, Issue 1

From the Chief Editor

Dear Fellows and Members,

In this issue of Pathologue, our new President Dr. W.F. Ng delivered his first Message from the President, with emphasis on his vision regarding training.

For those who could not join us at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the 3rd Trainee Presentation Session last year, we have captured the happy moments to share with you. The winner of the 3rd Trainee Presentation Session, Dr. Allen Chan, provided us with the abstract of his presentation entitled ‘Development and evaluation of a new molecular diagnostic test for the detection, monitoring and prognostication of hepatocellular carcinoma’. He also expressed his personal view towards the Trainee Presentation Session.

The latest Topical Update from the Education Committee is from Forensic Pathology. Dr. Philip Beh discussed the change in the role of pathologists in the Autopsy Interview over the years.

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Volume 17, Issue 2

From the Chief Editor

Dear Fellows and Members,

Laboratory Accreditation has become an important issue in the practice of Pathology. In the Featured Article: Laboratory Accreditation : Relevance to the Pathologist in Hong Kong, the Editorial Board aimed to explore this topic, with the valuable input from Dr. Michael Chan, Dr. Chan Keeng Wai, Dr. Robert Collins, Prof. Christopher Lam, Dr. Wilina Lim, and Dr. Wong Kit Fai. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the contributors once again.

In the Topical Update: Immunogenetics: MHC and non-MHC, Dr. Janette Kwok shared with us her knowledge in a field which is unfamiliar to most fellows. In Out of the Whitecoat section, Dr. Andrew Choi provided us with a glimpse of his fulfilling post-early retirement life. In Fellows’ Laurels section, we are proud to announce the achievements of Prof. Irene Ng and Prof. Alfred Lam. Please continue to keep us informed on similar good news so that we can share them with other fellows and members.

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