Year 2012

Volume 21, Issue 1

Message from the President:

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the College. We are facing a few major changes in the road ahead. Our TEC (Training and Examinations Committee) will start to implement a structured training programme in Molecular Pathology for different disciplines, including conducting the first round of inspection on training centres. The essence of the programme is to introduce some practical experience for our trainees. My personal feeling is that, analogous to performing deliveries during our undergraduate days, our trainees will understand the technology as well as its implications and limitations for their future practice. After all, it is the pathologist who is responsible for the interpretative reporting in pathology practice. The programme is simply an introduction to the field. Pursuit on further understanding in the subject does not stop there. We have witnessed Molecular Pathology developing into a separate discipline in other countries. It will be one of our future directions.

Our partnership with scientists is currently under close review. Following a favourable response from a survey initiated by the Council last year, an open forum is scheduled on 13 April for all members. The forum is an opportunity when all members will discuss on admitting scientists to the College under a new category, “Scientists of the Hong Kong College of Pathologists” (ScHKCPath). A Task Force, chaired by our Vice-President, Dr. Edmond MA, held meetings with representatives from different disciplines and worked out some preliminary admission criteria over the past 2 months. The new category is separate from our existing categories of Associates, Members and Fellows, and bears no voting right. In accordance with our Articles, our trainees need to be medically qualified, and fulfill our training requirement before they are allowed to take the Fellowship Assessment. Through recognition of the contribution by our “Scientists”, we wish to strengthen a closer collaboration between pathologists and scientists. The input of our new members will be channeled to the betterment of our profession. Hopefully, the local development of pathology practice will be taken to a new level.

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Volume 21, Issue 2

Message from the President:

This has been a very busy year for the College – and I truly mean it for the Office Bearers and the Council.

While the College was preparing for the Conferment Ceremony, AGM, T.B. Teoh Lecture and related events in 2011, we were also updating our Articles with modifications, including adopting a similar mechanism as the Academy on nomination of Honorary Fellow. I suddenly realized there is a new Companies Registry Law, and there needs to be clarification and changes in our Articles in order to comply with the Law. Hence, the EGM, planned since last year, has to be deferred till some time next year. I hope this can be done once we get clearance from the Companies Registry. All members will be duly informed, and I would greatly appreciate your support when it is called.

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