Year 2013

Volume 22, Issue 1

Message from the President:

After nearly two years of hard work among Councillors, Honorary Advisor and the lawyer of the Company Registry, we are in the process of calling an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) in early June. A lot of work has been done on updating our Articles with modifications, including adopting a similar mechanism as the Academy on nomination of Honorary Fellow. The Registrar has, by the time of publishing this Newsletter, sent you the relevant information and invitation to attend the EGM held in the Academy Building in the evening on 10 June. I urge you to come and support the EGM which will only take a little bit of your time. If time permits, we may have a chat and you may let me know your thoughts on College matters. This is an important step for our College to move forward.

I am happy to announce that the structured training programme in Molecular Pathology is now established. Our Specialty Board chairpersons are instrumental in setting up individual programme in respective disciplines. Our laboratory inspectors have completed inspection of training centres. The Training and Examinations Committee reviewed all the inspection reports which have been endorsed by the Council. The new training curriculum will be effective for the new trainee intake this year.

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Volume 22, Issue 2

Message from the President:

After completing two terms as President, I write this final message to bid you farewell. The past four years have been a great challenge to me personally, and I believe my Council Officers and Members would feel the same. We have completed our inspection cycle on training centres for molecular pathology training. A revised training curriculum is now in place for our new trainees registered on or after 18 October 2012, with specific requirement to participate in structured molecular pathology training according to individual specialties. Though we encountered differences in opinion on the admission of scientists, I hope there will be closer liaison between our medical and scientific colleagues in future. Some of the scientists are, in fact, playing an important role in enhancing technical exposure of our residents in molecular pathology.

Our Extraordinary General Meeting held on 10 June this year was successful, after nearly three years’ preparatory work. We updated our Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) to adopt a similar mechanism as the Academy on nomination and election of Honorary Fellows. The M&A have also been further modified as a result of numerous communications among the solicitor of the Companies Registry, the Registrar and our Legal Advisor. All Council Members participated actively in fine-tuning the changes. I am pleased to report that everything is now in place, and I hope that this will facilitate our future operation.

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