Year 2014

Volume 23, Issue 1

Message from the President:

First of all, I wish to extend my warmest welcome to all newly admitted Fellows and Members to the family of The Hong Kong Collegeof Pathologists.

Pathology has evolved into a field combining clinical interpretation and application of advanced laboratory techniques. It is estimated nearly 70% of clinical decision is related to medical laboratory test results.

To address the increased expectation of the community, not just patients and relatives, we have to get well prepared. Nowadays, our responsibilities are not confined to diagnosing infection or malignancy efficiently and finding causes of sufferings or death accurately. From a few cells or drops of blood, we need to predict prognosis and guide the use of personalized medicine, to trace the routes of infection, to dissect genetic basis of disease, and to decide whether a person can receive organ from a donor.

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Volume 23, Issue 2

Message from the President:

Both Hong Kong and our College havefaced unprecedented challenges this year. OurCollege and our specialty have been in the spotlight of the media. There has been doubt on the standard of pathology training and qualification as well as pathology service in Hong Kong. While continuous self-reflection and review are constructive, we must not lose faith in our good practice and should continue our devotion to the community. With our sustained high quality of service, I am confident that the trust of the community can be maintained.

This is also a moment of celebration for our new Fellows and Members. On behalf of the College, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all newly admitted Fellows and Members to the family of The Hong Kong College of Pathologists. You have also faced and defeated challenges bravely. After surpassing years of serious training and examinations, our Fellows are now qualified specialists in pathology. As consultants to bedside doctors, you will play pivotal role in diagnosis as well as guiding the plan of prevention and treatment of disease.

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