Year 2015

Volume 24, Issue 1 (click here to download the full pdf version)

Message from the President

Pathology is an important element in medicine. Such importance has been increasingly acknowledged in professional and general community. Our College has been active in several professional activities to maximize our impact to improve the community health.

A Working Group on Genetic and Genomics has been set up by the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine in 2014 to coordinate the training in this field with college representatives from Community Medicine, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Paediatricians, Pathologists and Physicians. Professor Rossa Chiu and I are representatives of our College in this group. Our College has also correspondingly set up a Task Force on Training for Genetics and Genomics, including Specialty Board Chairmen and Chief Examiners of various specialties to prepare syllabus and training options.

Locally, several Fellows and I have been involved as members in the Task Force of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Pilot Programme, expressing our opinions to ensure quality of pathology service in the programme. I have also been invited to join in the Cancer Expert Working Group on Cancer Prevention and Screening as our College representative. Such representation reflects that the contribution of pathology is increasingly recognized.

Our College will continue to participate in media programmes coordinated by the Academy to explain our work and the contribution of our specialty to patients. In liaison with the international pathology community, activities related to the International Pathology Day are being planned to be conducted in the later part of 2015. The aim is to let the public understand our work better.

Internationally, we shall continue the collaboration with sister organizations in various countries both individually and collectively through associations such as International Liaison Pathology Presidents (ILPP) and World Association of Societies of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (WASPaLM). I believe that the future of pathology profession is challenging but promising. Fellows are most welcome to share opinions with the College so that our work can continue to be improved.

Prof CHEUNG Nga Yin Annie May 2015


Volume 24, Issue 2 (click here to download the full pdf version)

Message from the President

On behalf of the College, I would like to extend my warmest welcome to all new Fellows and Members to the family of The Hong Kong College of Pathologists. This is a moment of celebration for the new milestone. After surmounting years of serious training and hurdles of examinations, our new Fellows are now qualified specialists in Pathology who are consultants to bedside doctors. This is also the moment of gratitude. Our trainers should be thanked for their tireless supervision, ever since the trainees joined the profession of pathology.

It is now increasingly known that pathologists play a pivotal role in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Regrettably, the importance of Pathology is sometimes recognized through unfortunate incidents covered in the news media. Nevertheless, we may take such opportunities to highlight the importance of good pathology practice and our contribution to clinical medicine. The application of genetics and genomics in medicine is increasing. Following the initiation of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine to enhance the training and accreditation of investigation on genetics and genomics, our College is likely to be the first college in Hong Kong to establish a post-specialty fellowship in Genetics and Genomics.

To let our community understand our work, the College has been reaching out. With President as representative, our College has expressed views in task forces and specialists panels on health issues. In liaison with the international pathology community on International Pathology Day, a two days’ workshop has been organized in November for the public and secondary school students. With our sincere and persistent effort, we should be able to break the barrier surrounding our profession and communicate better with the public and health professionals.

With the evolution of medical technology and the rising expectation of our patients and the public, let us unite our strength and determination to face the challenges and work towards a better future for the community.

Prof CHEUNG Nga Yin Annie Nov 2015

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