Year 2017

Volume 26, Issue 2 (click here to download the full pdf version)

Message from the President

Four years ago, I took up the challenging post of President of The Hong Kong College of Pathologists. It is time to pass the responsibility to my capable successor after the AGM this year.

The College has faced challenges while trying our best to achieve the most important mission of safeguarding the quality of training and ensuring high standard of pathology service to our community.

With the aging population and various factors, the demand on medical care in Hong Kong has been increasing. It is known that the majority of clinical decisions need the support of medical laboratory investigations. The opinions of pathologists are crucial in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

Indeed, The Hong Kong College of Pathologists is getting more and more represented in various task forces and specialists panels involved in health care, contributing our professional opinions.

Since the establishment of International Pathology Day in liaison with international pathology community, the College has been organizing an annual workshop for secondary school students. It is our target to let the general public know more about our profession and appreciate our contribution, and to attract potential trainees to our profession.

Thanks to the joint effort of various specialties in Pathology, we are now at the final stage of establishing a post-specialty fellowship in Genetic and Genomic Pathology. This is an important move to face the increasing application of such knowledge in dfferent facets of medicine.

Better planning of manpower and succession is important in the provision of reliable medical services. The Academy and our College hopefully can play more active roles in this aspect.

This season of examination has recently been concluded. A new generation of specialist pathologists is born. On behalf of the College, I would like to extend my sincere welcome and congratulations to all new Fellows and Members. More importantly, I also wish to applaud to all trainees who have bravely endured the serious training and examinations, irrespective of the results. We should also thank all the trainers for their dedicated supervision, and the families of our trainees and Fellows for their continuous support.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all members and friends of the College for your support to College activities. The active participation from our new Fellows is particularly welcome to ensure the success of our profession in serving the community.

Professor CHEUNG NgaYin, Annie
President, November 2017 



Volume 26, Issue 1 (click here to download the full pdf version)

Message from the President

Pathology is a medical specialty integrating personal experience and cutting-edge techniques. As a professional body committed to the upkeep and assurance of high-quality pathology practices, our College is dedicated to equipping our fellows with the ability to meet the challenges of evolving advancement in techniques and increasing expectation of the community. Concurring with the initiative by Hong Kong Academy of Medicine to promote training in genetics and genomics in several specialties, our College has been working on establishing a post-specialty fellowship in Genetic and Genomic Pathology under a special task force led by Dr Michael CHAN involving Specialty Board Chairpersons, Chief Examiners and representatives from various pathology specialties. Continued input of opinions from fellows and trainees is important.

We are encouraged by the success of the International Pathology Day Workshops targeted at high school students. The success is attributed to the hard work of a team of young fellows and trainees from various pathology specialties under the leadership of Dr Leon LAI. This year, such a workshop will be conducted again at around 15 November 2017. We shall continue to count on selfless support from fellows and trainees.

The College will continue to enhance communication with overseas and local professional bodies. There are representatives of our College in advisory groups in local administrations, and regular meetings with sister colleges overseas will continue.

The future of the profession and the College lies with our young fellows. The Academy is forming a Young Fellows Chapter for better engagement in the Academy’s activities. Each college is asked to nominate one fellow who has been conferred fellowship within the past 10 years. Dr MAK Siu Ming has been nominated to serve the first term (one year) of this Chapter.

The time of succession has also come. Nomination for Office Bearers and Councillors will be open soon. Your active participation is crucial for the success and prosperity of the pathology profession.

Professor CHEUNG Nga Yin, Annie
May 2017

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