Year 2018

Volume 27, Issue 2 (click here to download the full pdf version)

Message from the President

Time flies! The Year of 2018 is coming to an enjoyable end as we are continuously receiving good news from our seniors and young Fellows.

I would like to congratulate Prof. KY Yuen, Prof. Dennis Lo and Prof. Malik Peiris for their recent awards and honours received locally and internationally. Between them, they have added significant new dimensions to the reach of their science and the way we view and understand their disciplines. In addition, two of our Fellows, Dr. SM Mak and Dr. HW Ip were nominated as Distinguished Young Fellows and received their certificates from Prof. CS Lau, President of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine in September. Dr. SM Mak, as the representative of the Young Fellows’ Chapter of our College, will give a detailed report on its activities including the Medical Indemnity Forum, and Cultivating Professionalism and Research in Medical Education.

The Training and Examinations Committee would like to announce that a total of 20 candidates passed our Membership Examination and Fellowship Assessment this year. Congratulations to the successful candidates on their achievements! In addition, the second Open Forum on the Fellowship in Genetic and Genomic Pathology was successfully conducted on 26th October 2018. More importantly, the Genetic and Genomic Pathology First Fellows Application is now open for submission till the end of March 2019.

As College President, I wish to report to you that I attended the Malaysia-Singapore-Hong Kong Tripartite Congress of Medicine in Kuala Lumpur in August as a joint function of the three Academies of Medicine as well as the Meeting of the International Liaison of Pathology Presidents (ILPP) 2018 in London in October to discuss the common interests and issues faced by the rest of the pathology world. This year, the ILPP has determined to use social media to gain public interest. Therefore, we have used our facebook homepage to publicize the successful celebration of the International Pathology Day at Queen Mary Hospital on 18th November 2018, where the College organized a series of live demonstrations and simple experiments to attract the attention of 180 secondary school students nominated by the Principals of various schools.

Being one of the 15 constituent colleges of the Academy of Medicine, our College has nominated Fellows to be interviewed by the Radio Television Hong Kong “Healthpedia”《精靈一點》to talk about their interesting encounters for the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the Academy. The interviews can be reviewed at this link.

Finally, Dr. Dominic Tsang and Dr. Christopher Lai will share with us a Topical Update on Antimicrobial Resistance which is a worldwide issue to be tackled not only by pathologists but also by clinicians, nurses and other related healthcare workers. I would like to thank all the above Fellows who have contributed so much to the building of a positive image of pathologists. Hope you enjoy this issue of Pathologue!

Dr. CHAN Ho Ming
November 2018

Volume 27, Issue 1 (click here to download the full pdf version)

Message from the President

The Year of 2018 would be a year of celebration as our College has had a very good start!

After months of deliberation and negotiation in the Genetics and Genomics Taskforce, the Training and Examinations Committee as well as the College Council, various pathology specialties including Anatomical Pathology, Chemical Pathology, Haematology and Immunology have finally come to a consensus on the draft training programme for Genetic and Genomic Pathology. On 17 January 2018, the College held an Open Forum to introduce the background and the draft training programme to all Fellows and to receive comments and suggestions from them. It turned out to be a success! With the blessings from our Fellows, the Genetic and Genomic Pathology training programme was approved at one of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine’s Council Meetings on 12 April 2018. It would be a 2-year post- fellowship training programme with knowledge-based, cross-college and specialty-based components. This new Genetic and Genomic Pathology programme will be implemented within 24 months of the date of the Academy’s approval. To accommodate the changes, the College has also updated all the fellowship training programmes, which again were endorsed at the Academy’s Council Meeting on 15 March 2018.

The College has recently established a Young Fellows’ Chapter to encourage our younger generations to increase their participation in College activities. During their participation, various generations of Fellows can sit down together and exchange their views and opinions. In addition, one of the Young Fellows, Dr. Elaine Au, would like to share a Topical Update on immune-mediated demyelinating disease.

To celebrate the ILPP(International Liaison of Pathology Presidents) International Pathology Day 2017, and to promote the image of Pathologists to the public, the College organised a workshop at the Prince of Wales Hospital to receive over 100 senior secondary school students to enjoy some interactive laboratory experiments and demonstrations.

Lastly, Dr. NG Wai Fu would like to share his hobby that can make him young and fit!

Dr. CHAN Ho Ming
June 2018

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