Year 2024

Volume 33, Issue 1 (click here to download the full pdf version)

Message from the President

It is my great pleasure to write my first message in the College newsletter. Following the Annual General Meeting held on 25 November 2023, I have assumed the position of College President. That evening, I had the privilege of sharing a memorable and enjoyable dinner, a long-awaited one after the COVID era, with our esteemed past Presidents, including Dr MAK Wai Ping, Dr LEE Kam Cheong, Prof CHEUNG Nga Yin, Annie, Dr CHAN Ho Ming and Dr CHAN Chak Lam, Alexander. Through these interactions, I gained a deeper understanding of the immense responsibilities that come with being a President, and I am committed to upholding the legacy of our predecessors.

As mentioned in the President’s Speech at the Conferment Ceremony, I outlined a number of key priorities for the College. Moving forward, we will focus on the faculty development initiatives aligned with the Academy’s vision, and on the implementation of the revised Regulations on Postgraduate Training and Examinations, which shall be led by Dr LEUNG Yuk Yan, Rock, one of our College Vice-Presidents, in the coming days. I am pleased that a successful forum was organized in late April, which was attended by trainers and trainees from various disciplines. The forum provided an invaluable opportunity for us to discuss the changes in the new Regulations and to address questions from the audience. I am grateful to all who contributed to the success of this event, and I believe it further strengthens our commitment to transparency and collaboration.

As we step into 2024, a year filled with both challenges and opportunities, we are confronted with a significant workforce challenge that has persisted over the past decade. This issue is not limited to Hong Kong or Asia but is a global phenomenon. I had the privilege of joining the International Liaison of Pathology Presidents (ILPP) 2023, where I learned about the strategies from around the world aimed at alleviating the manpower gap. Despite various efforts, significant improvements have been elusive. It is time for us to think outside the box and consider innovative approaches. I firmly believe that advocating for the adoption of digital pathology and artificial intelligence can be a potential solution, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and accuracy in patient care.

In addition to addressing the workforce challenge, our Council remains dedicated to enhancing the College’s reputation and image, while upholding the standard of practice and fostering collaboration with overseas and local organizations. We will continue our efforts to promote Pathology through International Pathology Day and our College’s International Pathology Day Workshop, which usually takes place in early December each year. The International Pathology Day Workshop has already become a flagship program for our younger generation to learn about and engage with Pathology. It is satisfying to witness the enthusiasm and eagerness of our Young Fellows in leading the workshop and promoting our specialty within the society. I am delighted to share that some participants of our previous workshops have chosen Pathology as their career path, a testament to the impact we are making.

Personally, I will continue to fulfil my responsibilities as President, which include working closely with our College Fellows, Members and trainees. I will align our efforts with the Academy’s direction, particularly in light of the Position Statement "Position Paper on Postgraduate Medical Education 2023" released earlier in 2023. I aim to foster synergy with the sister Colleges in Hong Kong and maintain strong connections with our overseas counterparts.

Dr MAK Siu Ming


May 2024

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