Volume 19, Issue 1

Message from the President:

I have been asked a few times about my plan since I took office last November. Though I have some ideas about the work, I must admit I have little time to set up any schedule. Perhaps this gives me a chance to write up some thoughts.

Over the past few years since I joined the College Council, there were major changes. We have a full-time College Secretary who helps to tidy up bits and pieces in our Chamber, including taking Council minutes, managing daily operation of the College, and assistance in CME/CPD. At present, Adrienne plays a crucial role in communication among Fellows, Councillors and the Academy. We discussed and implemented changes in standardizing score in examinations, examination formats in specialties, training requirements (such as in case of long sick leave, autopsy numbers),...

Volume 18, Issue 1

From the Chief Editor

Dear Fellows and Members,

Happy New Year! Time flies, and here is another issue of Pathologue.

In the Message from the President, Dr. NG Wing Fung shared with us his vision regarding the future of pathology practice and the College. The 17th Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the 17th T.B. Teoh Foundation Lecture were well attended. As in previous years, we have captured the happy and exciting moments for your memory. The 17th T.B. Teoh Foundation Lecture was delivered by Professor KAN Yuet Wai and entitled “Haemoglobin Genetics, from Diagnosis to Treatment”. The 4th Trainee Presentation Session took place on the same day of the AGM. The winner this year, Dr. Doris CHING, presented the detective work undertaken by the Toxicology Reference Laboratory of Princess Margaret Hospital in identifying the...

Volume 17, Issue 1

From the Chief Editor

Dear Fellows and Members,

In this issue of Pathologue, our new President Dr. W.F. Ng delivered his first Message from the President, with emphasis on his vision regarding training.

For those who could not join us at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the 3rd Trainee Presentation Session last year, we have captured the happy moments to share with you. The winner of the 3rd Trainee Presentation Session, Dr. Allen Chan, provided us with the abstract of his presentation entitled ‘Development and evaluation of a new molecular diagnostic test for the detection, monitoring and prognostication of hepatocellular carcinoma’. He also expressed his personal view towards the Trainee Presentation Session.

The latest Topical Update from the Education Committee is from Forensic Pathology. Dr. Philip...

Volume 16, Issue 1

From the Chief Editor

In the first issue of the College Newsletter this year, Dr. K.C. Lee shares with us his view regarding the current and future trend in the training in Pathology in the Message from the President.

To go back in time, in this featured article, the Passion for Pathology Runs in the Blood, we tell the stories of two important families of pathologists that are instrumental in the development of Pathology in Hong Kong.

In the Topical Update from the Education Committee, Dr. Edmond Ma discusses the Recent Perspectives in Glucose-6-phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD) Deficiency. This is another example where molecular biology is playing an important role in the practice of Pathology.

The 15th AGM 2006 and the 15th T.B. Teoh Foundation Lecture were both well attended. For those who could not be there...

Volume 15, Issue 1

Message from the President

I gave the following message to our new Fellows and Members at the last Admission Ceremony, and wish them to take a broader view on their future careers.

For all young Fellows, and even for us who have been in the profession for quite some years, I think we should not stop reflecting our past and debating on our way forward, for I believe it is our collective hope and desires that are important to shape our own future. So it may help if from time to time we could set ourselves free from all busy routine, take a moment to look back on the path that brought us here, and wonder how we should go forward - ask ourselves questions, get a different view, and critically rethink even the most obvious. You may perhaps also agree with me the two things I am going to say about what pathology is not, and...

Volume 14, Issue 1

Message from the President

Why Pathology Matters? A word to the new pathologists at the 13th Admission Ceremony I wish to extend my warmest congratulations to all soon to be admitted new Fellows and Members of the College. Your success in becoming a specialist is especially welcome and somewhat relieving in times when the prospect of shortage of pathologists is worrisome, when we may edging towards the global trend of manpower insufficiency in pathologists as in many developed countries.

Sometimes I wonder, from the day you decide to take up pathology as your career, what have been your responses to the all-too-familiar question of your parents or friends, when they say: “Well, very good, you want to become a pathologist, but don’t you want to be a REAL doctor? Don't you want to take care of patients? Do you really like dead...